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Specifications Introduction
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In this section of Lamborghini WEB, we are seeking to provide the most in-depth facts and information about all of the products ever to bare the Lamborghini name. This means not only the cars but the other things such as the tractors with which Ferruccio Lamborghini made his name and fortune.

Each of the set of pages devoted to a particular product will be as standard as possible to allow easy comparison, especially in the case of the different car models. All pages will be enhanced with graphical images, sounds and effects where it is deemed appropriate.

  1. The 'Early' Lamborghinis
    Details about the Early GT Cars that set the ball rolling.
  2. The 'Family' Lamborghinis
    Information about the 2+2 & 4 seater 'Family' sized Lamborghinis.
  3. The Miura Series
    Details about the first true supercar.
  4. The 'Baby' Lamborghinis
    All about the "entry-level" exotics with "only" a V8 engine!
  5. The Countach Series
    Read about one of the most outlandish and enduring dream cars ever built.
  6. The LM Series
    Lamborghini goes offroad!
  7. The Diablo Series
    A devil among supercars!
  8. Lamborghini Sport & Racing Vehicles
    Details about a still relatively rare commodity - a Lamborghini bred purely for racing.
  9. Lamborghini Showcars
    A look back at some of the cars that have wowed the world's motorshows without making it to production.
  10. Other Lamborghinis
    A nostalgic look at some of the other products that made Ferruccio his fortune.

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