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These pages will include features on several people that have made Lamborghini great, and seeks to uncover the passion that has built Lamborghini into a legend in its own time. Obvious examples are Ferruccio Lamborghini (Founder) himself, and other people like; Marcello Gandini (Designer: Miura, Countach, Diablo, etc.), Giampaolo Dallara (Engine Developer: V12 5.0 litre, V12 3.9 litre, Marine V12 7.5 & 8.0 litre / Chassis Developer: 350 GTV, Miura, etc.); Paolo Stanzani (Dallara Assistant / Designer: Miura SV upgrades, 1971 Countach, etc.); as well as many others throughout Lamborghini history and today’s endeavours.

The short character sketch will include the individuals responsibilities and contributions as well as exceptional accomplishments. Each name covered here has had a valuable hand in what is seen before us today, Lamborghini, with all of its ups and downs. Lamborghini has benefited from each one of these special people. This is a tribute of each of them.

We also hope to publish interviews we do with the people that matter in the Lamborghini world, as and when we get them.

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