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This page will be bringing you all of the latest news and gossip from the factory as well as details of enthusiast activities from around the world. If you know of any news or events not included on this page please let me know through the usual channels and I will post them for the attention of all of the audience. 

26th-28th May 2000

"2nd Esslinger Oldtimer Festival with Lamborghini Meeting" arranged by the Lamborghini IG Stuttgart.

7th May 2000

All Italian car Tour & Track Run  
Sponsored by Lamborghini Club America
Contact: Kevin Sims@ 703-730-0780 or 

A 2 part event. Tour/track event with car show & lunch 

Tour/track: Begins at Grand Touring In Laurel, Md. Doors open at 8 am and the tour departs from Grand Touring at 10 am and heads for Summit Point, WV. Once there the group will do laps at the Summit Point Race Track. Awards will be given to 2 cars per club. A video of the cars driving on track will be given to track participants. 

Car Show/Lunch: starts at 1pm, the show begins at Criswell Lamborghini in Gaithersburg, Md. Track participants will join later. At 2:30 a catered lunch will be served. Live music provided by "Arise From Thorns" If you have any questions please direct them to Kevin Sims. He has organized events in the past with great success. This is going to be a great day! 

Track/Tour is the # of people x $45.00 
Lunch/Car Show is the # of people x $25.00

5th-7th May 2000

International Lamborghini Owners Club does "Lamborghini Takeoff" at Frankfurt Rhein/Main Airport.

10th December 1999

Stefan Sehring informs me that Lamborghini introduced the Diablo GTR on this day in Bologna.

10th October 1999

Stefan Sehring informs me that Lamborghini IG Stuttgart meets in Stuttgart. First meeting since the foundation of this "club". The cars will be presented at the Vaihinger Markt.

2nd October 1999

Meeting in Maryland for Lamborghini Owners :

"We at grand Touring are having a Italian and German Tour and Barbecue Party, Oct. 2,1999 and we want you to come to it."

Start at Grand Touring, 14232 Cherry Lane Court, Laurel, MD.
Doors open at 10:00 AM for browsing and coffee and danish. 
Many fine examples of different types of cars. Road Tour starts at 11:30 AM. Open roads primarily. Only about 45 minutes. Maps at the shop. We end up at Linstead on the Severn Community Beach Pavilion for Barbecue Lunch starting at 1:00 PM. 
Private parking. 
Catered by Adams Ribs. 
$15.00 per person. Italian Barbecue beef sandwiches. German Barbecue chicken. (3) Salads. Beer and soda included. Buffet style. 
Door prizes too!!!!!!!!!! 

You can fish, crab, and swim if you wish. RSVP to Dave Born at Grand Touring (301)470-6464 or (410)880-2030, or back to my e-mail
Please do not just show up at the door as the caterer needs a firm count ahead of the game. Send your cheques by September 29,1999. 

Dave Born

4th - 5th September 1999

Tomas Trossing informs me that the next International Lamborghini Owners Club  meeting will be at Nurburgring.  Some further rounds of  the Lamborghini Super Trophy will be taking place there that same weekend.  Lamborghini are apparently taking this opportunity to introduce the new Diablo GT.

15th June 1999

Stefan Sehring writes: The latest press release from Lamborghini says that they will have their own restoration centre in the factory. It is going to be opened in the next few months. Every car restored in Sant Agata will be certified as original and fully functional.

9th May 1999

Anyone who owns a 1994 Diablo (US?!?!?). There is a recall (see link) on your rear rims if you haven't had this taken care of yet you may want to check it out. ((

6th May 1999

Automobili Lamborghini signed a contract about cooperation between Bertone and Lamborghini (like in the old days). They are also in cooperation belonging to Prototypes and technical questions with Bertone. Bertone is going to present two new mid-engined sportscars. A so called "Baby Diablo" with a Bi-turbo V8 Engine (this engines relies to an Audi engine). And the "new" Diablo will be presented at the International Car Show in the year 2001. The Diablo GT (going to be delivered in autumn this year) is also redesigned by Carozzeria Bertone. (Source: Stefan Sehring).

8th March 1999

Sant'Agata Bolognese announces the Lamborghini Diablo GT, click here for further details.

24th January 1999

Lamborghini Recall
There was a recall of 1998 Lamborghini Diablos, here are the details: (Thanks to Roman for this information)

Vehicle Description: Passenger vehicles equipped with air bags.

A Supplementary Rubber Windshield Header Protector to be installed by the vehicle owner onto the windshield header when driving with the vehicle's top removed was omitted. Injury to unbelted occupants could occur if the vehicle's top is removed and the vehicle is involved in a crash. Dealers will replace the Windshield Header Rail Trim Panel and provide the owner with the missing Supplemental Rubber Windshield Header Rail Protector.

Owner notification is expected to begin August 3, 1998. Owners who do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Lamborghini on 1-714-261-8872.

24th July 1998

Victorio Di Capua, President and CEO of Lamborghini was present in London for the signing of the contract of sale of 100% of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. from Malaysian holding company Mycom Setdco and the Indonesian company V'Power Corporation to Audi AG. Both he and the employees and the unions are apparently satisfied with the deal, especially considering the willingness of AUDI to preserve Lamborghini's specific national identity.

12th June 1998

The shareholders of Automobili Lamborghini SpA and AUDI AG signed a Letter of Intent to enter into negotiations for the acquisition of the Italian sports car company by AUDI AG.

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