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Running of the Bulls
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25th August 1999 Beverley Hills - Monterey

(I apologize in advance for the somewhat lame aspects of this report. My scanning and website publishing abilities cannot do justice to what we experienced! The absence of action shots of the cars was obviously necessitated by a need to drive one.)

Wednesday, August 25 1999, marked the second "Running of the Bulls", a caravan of more than 50 recent model year Lamborghini Diablos from Beverly Hills to Monterey. The event began with a rooftop reception on Tuesday evening at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Following the reception came dinner and a charity auction to benefit the California Highway Patrol 11-99 foundation, formed to provide assistance to the families of wounded and slain officers. Amongst the cars displayed at the Petersen Museum was the new MOMO Edition Diablo. The gentleman standing with his hand pointing to the car is Vik Keuylian, the U.S. distributor for Automobili Lamborghini.

The next morning we returned to the Petersen Museum, where the cars were lined up and ready to go. I also got a photo opportunity with the leader of the caravan, Mario Andretti.

After a briefing by our escorts from the California Highway Patrol, we drove down to Rodeo Drive where a photo shoot was arranged for television. There were a large number of spectators out to see the cars.

We set out through Beverly Hills, making our way to the Santa Monica Freeway and west to the Pacific Coast Highway. We travelled this route up past Malibu, then got on 101 to Santa Barbara, for lunch and a refueling stop at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Top speed on this leg was around 120 mph.

The next leg of the trip was up 101 to the San Marcos Pass, then further up 101 to a refueling stop in Atascadero. During this stretch we achieved 140 mph.

After an extremely well-organized stop, we were again on our way for the final leg of the trip. Speeds of 150 mph were briefly obtained as we made our way up to a reception at the Monterey Airport.

This was a phenomenal drive in all respects!

Gary Kay

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