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Lamborghini owners are what inevitably determine the ongoing success of Lamborghini. Each new model seeks to attract additional buyers looking to experience a Lamborghini for themselves and thus solidify all the legends that precede each car made by the illustrious factory. Yet besides new buyers, there is still a crucial part that completes the Lamborghini image, the classic Lamborghinis from years past and their owners. To these people and to those who have owned Lamborghinis, we owe a special tribute.

These cars are much more than old models, they are relics of a very special time. Both old and new represent cutting edge technology in its own era and to a major degree, well beyond its birthed time frame. Likewise, these cars reflect the passions and personality of its present owner as well as those prior. Each Lamborghini has been and continues to be very important to the shaping of current Lamborghinis and the reputation held by the factory.

Lamborghini WEB would like to perform special interviews and character summaries of the owners behind the cars, to bring to light the respective love for Lamborghini and what makes each car so unique in the eyes of its owner. A brief outline will be compiled from provided information and personal contact with the Lamborghini WEB executive staff. Once completed, the information will be posted here. If you are the owner of a Lamborghini, we would highly encourage you to contact us about including your car and some information about yourself in these pages. It is an excellent opportunity to display your love for Lamborghini and share it with the many other enthusiasts and other owners in the Lamborghini WEB audience.

  1. The Anderson's Black Coutach LP400S
    All about David and Dalene Anderson and their beautiful Countach.
  2. Rick Russo's Black Jalpa
    Details on Rick's early experiences with his Jalpa.
  3. Joe Martz's Diablo VT
    Details on Joe's experiences with his Diablo.
  4. Gary Kay's 1998 Diablo SV Monterey Edition
    Details on Gary's experiences with his Diablo.
  5. David Watkinson's Jalpa Drive
    Details on David's experiences in a hired Jalpa.
  6. Stefan Sehring's 1988 Countach 5000 QV
    Details on Stefan's experiences in his Countach.
  7. Victor Yong's 1979 Urraco P300
    Details on Victor's experiences in his Urraco.

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