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Bad Starting, Rough Idle and Overheating Problems
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Bad starting, rough idle and overheating are very common situations for Lamborghinis. Me too - but since I head a rather new engine and tuned in the plant, I did NOT believe the story of the authorized Lambo shop, went my own way and did NOT change the head gaskets. 

Bad starting and rough idle when cold is stopped by changing the ignition coil and resistor with two RED BOSCH ones. and a relay which raises the current when starting. (for all carburetor engines) 

Overheating: check every possible cause of leaking, even the HEATER core and tubes. Close the radiator with a 1.2 bar plug, then fill the radiator when the engine is idling at about 2000 RPM till the radiator is full. After several minutes, empty the expansion vessel almost totally, then drive at 5000 RPM for half an hour. Check the radiator the following morning when cold, and refill if necessary.  If you still have overheating problems, change the vents to more efficient ones. 

This can be said for all classic 8 and 12 cylinder engines. Hope this helps for more pleasure with Your Lambo. 

Dietmar Frensemeyer
Lamborghini Jarama vin # 10268 


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