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Maintenance Introduction
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This section seeks to aid owners that prefer to maintain their own Lamborghinis and those that restore them. While being very commonly known throughout the world, Lamborghinis are very rarely understood mechanically. The famous reputation being; "Only a true-blooded Italian can fine tune those six - twin Weber carburettors." There may indeed be a special art in this, but it is still a learned art. This page aims to disclose those secrets and tips to help uncover the true machine inside. Sometimes a simple point of maintenance can save hundreds and even thousands of costly analysis to even find a potential problem let alone fix it.

With any car, not excluding a Lamborghini, there are times when personal experience does not suggest the solution to a problem. However, there are a number of other owners and mechanics that may have encountered the same problem before and may have some advice or suggestions about how to resolve it. This is an excellent way to unite Lamborghini enthusiasts world-wide. It allows the expertise of people from every corner of the world to become available in one exclusive location. This same may be said for the parts exchange and for sale listing portions of Lamborghini WEB.

If you have a mechanical/electrical problem in a particular area concerned with your Lamborghini, please include it in an email message to us. The problem will then be formatted and posted on the page. At that time, Lamborghini WEB will call on our audience to contribute a solution to the posted problem. This can be done by writing a detailed answer in the same fashion via Email. This answer as well as any others received will be formatted and then posted with the initial problem such that the audience can see both the question and answer.

Also, if you have recently encountered a difficult situation and found a solution independently by fabrication or mechanical/electrical manipulation, please write up a brief but detailed technical review regarding what the problem was and how you fixed it. Possibly include such details of the fabricated/altered part and the necessary steps required to duplicate the process. This information will help other owners and mechanics find a quick solution to problems uncovered. It is also very educational for potential owners to be aware of possible areas of concern so problems of similar nature are not a surprise event. An owner can know ahead of time what needs to be done. These reports will appear in the same manner as the question/answer reports.

Please be specific in the problem statement as well as the solution reply. Where applicable, please include model and year of solution application and in what other applications it may be utilised.

Hints and Tips 

  1. "How to Cure the Throttle Lag on Carburettor based Lamborghinis"
    Our first contribution by Joe Martz. (Many thanks to him for this).
  2. Miura "Burn-Ups"
    An explanation from Dietmar Frensemeyer about the need to listen carefully to a Miura.
  3. Overheating
    Dietmar Frensemeyer provides some more tips.

Requests for Help

  1. 1989 Countach Anniversary Wiring Problem
    Robert T asks for some help.
  2. 1973 Espada  Wiring Problem
    John Ellis asks for some help.

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