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1989 Countach Anniversary Wiring Problem

Good day. 

I am trying to solve a wiring problem on FI 25th Countach. The right pump runs and the left doesn't - it appears that there is a single relay for both pumps. The right pump has a red wire with a black stripe and the left has solid red wire. An ohm reading between the hot wires of the left and right side gives a result of 16.5 ohm.  With both wires removed from the pumps, the right pumps voltage drop is 10 volts on bump start and the left is 0. 

The grounds for  both pumps have been checked and this problem is eliminated. The connectors in front of the left and right heads to the fuel pumps have been eliminated, along with their associated wiring to the pumps. It appears that the problem is the splice in the wiring harness that feeds both pumps, consequently I need the exact location of this splice to avoid committing any electrical mayhem. I would greatly appreciate a scanned copy of the electrical manual and/or any available electrical information that would facilitate the solution of this problem.  

Thank you all for any information you may be able to provide. This car is possibly to be made available to interested parties. 

Thank you,
Robert T

1973 Espada Headlight Wiring


I have been given the unpleasant job of sorting out the headlight wiring on a 1973 Espada. It has been butchered by experts and now nothing works. 

Has anyone got a circuit diagram at least for the headlight and park light circuit? 

I can accept almost any file format. 

John Ellis

1974 Urraco P250 Cam Belt Removal


My name is Don White and I've owned my Urraco for 14 years. I'm trying to remove my cars cam belt. The question is, can it be replaced by removing the right rear wheel and the cover plates? I do not want to drop the engine. 


Don White
Urraco P250

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