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Offshore Racing 1996 Preview
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Lamborghini's involvement in Class One Offshore Powerboat racing was bigger than ever in 1996. A new Class was introduced in 1996 with about ten new boats. All boats were equipped with double Lamborghini engines.

Lamborghini has been involved with Class One Offshore racing for over ten years. In 1994 the Lamborghini powered Feretti Class One Offshore powerboat of Luca Ferrari became World Champion. Lamborghini also holds the record of World's Fastest Offshore Pole Speed of 230.62 kph/143.22 mph set by Eduardo Polli in an attempt to increase safety, reduce costs and open the sport to Class One Offshore powerboat racing, the UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique) has produced a new Promotion Class that will run the WOC circuit (World Offshore Championship) in 1996 alongside the full Class One contenders. Lamborghini will be the sole engine suppliers for all teams. Lamborghini has signed a three year contract with the UIM. Lamborghini's deal is as follows:

This was available at $90,000 - $ 100,000. Lamborghini will be in attendance at all WOC events to service engines and with spare engines, spare parts, technical advice, emergency works, data recording report after the race. Oil change and bolts, fittings, accessories and electronics were all checked as part of a 3-year maintenance package of $36,000- $45,000 per year. All engines were interchangeable and spares will be supplied from Lamborghini Series stock.

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