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Offshore Racing Introduction
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What Ferrari is to the world of Formula One, Lamborghini is to the world of Class One powerboat racing. In the UIM Class 1 Offshore Championship, the competitors can opt for their boats to be powered by diesel engines (max. capacity 32.78 litres) or petrol engines (max. capacity 16.39 litre) . When the competitors choose petrol engines, Lamborghini engines are their most obvious choice. Since Lamborghini entered the scene, Lamborghini powered boats have won more than 100 races in World Championships, European Championships and other local Championships. In 1994 Luca Ferrari became World Champion in the Lamborghini powered Ferretti boat, temporarily ending the dominance of the Victory team. The latter is a three boat squad from the United Arabic Emirates, backed by the Dubai based Khartoum family, one of the most powerful families in that country.

The Victory boats are powered by Sterling petrol engines. In the 1996 season of the Class One World Championship, Saeed Al Tayer and Felix Serralles were crowned World Champions again, although this year they used Sterling engines for the first seven races, only to change to Lamborghini engines for the last two races when the pressure from Polli's Lamborghini powered Bilba boat became stronger by the race. During the first of these last two races, Tayer and Serralles broke the World Speed Record, bringing it back to Lamborghini again.

If you are not a racer there is always another way of getting your hands on a Lamborghini powered boat. Besides Lamborghini's involvement in racing, there is also an involvement in building leisure boats. The Quetzal company builds the "bisons of the oceans". Designed by Mr. Cichero, the twin-Lamborghini powered Quetzals can be equipped, depending on the wishes of the buyer with two, three or four propellers and standard have a salon, kitchen, bar, telephone, stereo etc. These Quetzals are just as exclusive as the Lamborghini road cars.

In 1995 there were following eight races, click on the place name to see a report.

Race Name / Location Date
1.Montecristo Grand Prix, Havana, Cuba30th April 1995
2.Caffe Hausbrandt Grand Prix, St. Tropez, France31st May 1995
3.Citta Di Gallipoli Grand Prix, Gallipoli, Italy18th June 1995
4.European Grand Prix, Agrigento, Sicily25th June 1995
5.Norwegian Grand Prix, Arendal, Norway16th July 1995
6.Belgian Grand Prix, Ostend, Belgium10th September 1995
7.Emirates Grand Prix, Dubai, UAE27th October 1995
8.Dubai Duty Free Grand Prix, Dubai, UAE3rd November 1995

A Preview of the 1996 Season is available here.

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