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Unlike Ferrari, which started in racing and has produced sports cars by applying the learned racing technology in a tamer form, Lamborghini is not known for its history in racing . The quality in today’s Diablo and the reputation Lamborghini has earned with such famous cars as the Miura and the legendary Countach was achieved through a different means. Each and every car to come from the S'ant Agata factory was designed for, built for, and tested on the winding, non-perfect road surfaces of the Italian country-side. Although there are exceptions to this rule, with additional testing having been conducted at certain closed circuits such as the Nardo test track in South Italy and Germany's Nurburgring, the bull has traditionally raged away from the racetrack.

Much of this tradition is down to Ferruccio Lamborghini himself, who never had a deep desire for racing, regarding it as an enormous waste of time and money, despite the desires of many of his employees. Indeed, Bizzarrini, who designed the now famous V-12 left when he saw that Ferruccio had no intentions to use the engine for racing. In 1970 an unofficial project put together in 1970 by Bob Wallace, Chief Test Driver at the time was aimed at changing Ferruccio's mind. The Miura Jota, as it was known was a heavily modified Miura, and apparently had a very promising chassis configuration (for further details see the Specifications section), but Lamborghini still declined to become involved.

Times change though, and ever since Lamborghini sold his remaining 51% share in 1972, there has been an increasing movement requesting that Lamborghini should finally officially pursue a racing effort. There are now many examples of racing efforts and projects, and though most of which never actually saw the track there is an increasing number of Lamborghini models and engines on many different racing circuits around the world. Some of that racing, in recent years, has been in Formula 1, Off-Shore Powerboats, Le Mans, Paris-Dakar, as well as many others.

The details will show applicable history, performance data, team support, and success statistics and any applicable pictures when available.

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    John Zevenbergen provides us with the latest news in the world of Lamborghini racing.
  2. Formula One
    A look back at Lamborghini's brief venture into the glamorous world of Formula One.
  3. Charriol Trophy
    A look at the Diablo-only Championship that is lighting up the racetracks of Europe.
  4. Offshore Racing
    Lamborghini go to sea!

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