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Formula One Introduction
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Lamborghini's first appearance in the major league of autoracing came in 1989 as an engine supplier. Head of the Lamborghini Formula One project was Mauro Forghieri, a former Ferrari chief constructor and now responsible for the technical side of the project.

During the Hungarian Grand Prix of 1987 the Larrousse & Camels (L&C)-Lola team approached Forghieri and discussed the option of using Lamborghini engines for their Formula One cars. Later on that year the contract was signed and Forghieri started the development of the 3.5 liter V12 engine. In April 1988 the engine was shown to the public.

This was the start of a relatively intensive involvement with the formula, from 1989 to 1993 Lamborghini supplied engines to 4 different teams, excluding the Lamborhini team in 1991, which are as follows (relevent years in brackets).

During these five years the teams scored a total of 20 World Championship points and one podium finish: a third place during the Japanese Grand Prix by Aguri Suzuki, driving the Lola Espo Larrousse Lamborghini Formula One race car in 1990.

1990 was the most successful year for Lamborghini Engineering with a total of 14 World Championship points scored. The next season was the most dramatic season for Lamborghini with no points scored being scored at all, and the Lamborghini team performing badly.

In 1994 the McLaren Formula One team, (at that time the team of the late Ayrton Senna) was almost supplied with Lamborghini engines, however Peugeot got the deal. At this time, Chrysler was already at the verge of selling Lamborghini to the Indonesian company MegaTech (a company owned by the youngest son of the Indonesian President, Hutomo Mandala Putra Soeharto, nickname Tommy) but the failure to secure this deal certainly speeded up this process.

From 1994 on, no team were supplied with Lamborghini engines, however in Formula One nothing can be taken for granted.

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