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Charriol Trophy
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The Phillipe Charriol Super Sport Trophy is a one-make championship series that has been set up by Stephane Ratel with Automobili Lamborghini. The series will be taking place at motor sport havens all over the world during the next two years, with the financial backing of watchmaker Phillipe Charriol and fuel supplier Agip. This particular section of the Lamborghini WEB pages has been created specifically to keep our readers informed of these latest highly exciting moments in the world of Lamborghini. John Zevenbergen is again responsible for providing the majority of the information herein, but as always we are always open to suggestion through the usual channel of email.
  1. Charriol Trophy Car
    John Zevenbergen describes the car that will feature in this series.
  2. Charriol Trophy Preview (1996)
    John Zevenbergen reports on the preview to this great one-make series.
  3. Charriol Trophy 1996
    Full details of the first season of the series.
  4. Charriol Trophy 1999
    Information on the latest season.

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