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    David and Dalene Anderson are hoping to contact the original owner of the 1979 LP400S Countach that they have owned for the past four years.

    The car is SN 112.1094; it was blue (Blue Acapulco) with dark tan (Naturale) leather interior, with factory gold, magnesium (Bravo-type) wheels. The car was not fitted with a wing. The car was finished in September, 1979 and sold through the German dealership, Hubert Hahne in Dusseldorf, Germany. Factory records show it was serviced a year latter, so they must assume it was bought by someone in Germany or central Europe and probably remained there until it was exported to the USA in 1984. This is a low-body, early LP400S with the large 45 DCOE Webers, no emission equipment (the European 375 hp LP400 motor).

    Surely such as car must not have gone unnoticed in Europe in the late 1970s and early 1980s! If anyone has information on this car, please contact the Andersons at:

    Address: 707 Breakwater Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado USA 80525;
    Phone: 970 229-9057; FAX 970 491-1413, or


  2. Lamborghini Countach or Diablo Kit Wanted

    Any year must be black /red or white in top condition, with electric windows.

    Name: Myke Macino
    Phone: 07880 76 6000
    Fax:0181 621 0070


  3. Black Jalpa wanted for California

    I am looking to buy a Black Jalpa with tan interior, black on black second choice, however with only 410 out there I guess I can't be too choosy. I live in Northern California and therefore have to have one that is able to be registered in California. Mileage is less important than a good and continuous maintenance history. 

    Many Thanks

    Name: David Morton


  5. Lamborghini LP400 Countach, 1974-75 wanted

    Lamborghini LP400 countach,1974-75 prefer black. Must be left hand drive. If it is not running or is another color I am still interested in purchasing your car. If your car is a 1976 model but manufactured in 1975 that is okay too.  

    Many Thanks

    Name: Richard Madsen
    Location: Salt Lake City, USA

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