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This section will be used as a medium for the buying/sale and exchange of second-hand Lamborghinis (the dealerships have their own section) from all around the world. Within each section there will be detailed information about the car for sale/exchange and how to contact the owner, or in the case of a "wanted" ad., details of the person and his/her requirements. When provided, the advertisement will be accompanied by one or two photographs. What better way to advertise a car for sale than to the entire world via a Lamborghini-exclusive audience?

There will also be pages devoted to automobilia such as personal collections, posters, models, etc. for sale and the toys and models that help celebrate this great marque.

For information about advertisement requirements, please contact us via email.

  1. Lamborghinis for Sale
    Classic Lamborghini's up for grabs, including Anthony Iodice's Diablo SV, Hal Perkins' Espada S3 and Len Edmonson's Jalpa, and a number plate from Giovanni Ionta.
  2. Wanted
    Advertise for parts, information or the cars themselves.

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