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Lamborghini WEB would like to offer all of the dealers out there who regularly have Lamborghini cars for sale the opportunity to advertise their wares. The site has excellent potential for reaching a huge number of people with the common interest of Lamborghinis.

Lamborghini WEB has the capability to format pages from the simplest contact details to more complicated 'virtual showrooms' for any dealers involved with Lamborghinis. Pages will be constructed in a manner that is consistent with the Lamborghini WEB style whilst still promoting the intent of the organisation being advertised, in a way that best fits each businessís needs.

Please contact us via Email for additional information regarding advertisement costs, existing Lamborghini WEB specifications, or to discuss possible page set-ups.


Since the takeover of Automobili Lamborghini by Audi, many of the authorised dealers have changed, and so consequently my list is out of date.  If anybody has some information concerning the new dealers please contact us via email.

Last Updated 24.04.2000

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