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Welcome to Lamborghini WEB!
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Hello, and welcome to a series of pages exclusively devoted to that most exotic of car marques, Lamborghini which from here onward will be known as Lamborghini WEB.  

Lamborghini WEB is now well over 12 years old and is currently at Version 3.1. Please let me know if you spot any problems. 

The rest of the Editorial team join me in wishing you good surfing and hoping that you enjoy our efforts.

  1. What's New
    Visit here to find out about the latest updates to the pages.
  2. Our History
    A brief summary of Lamborghini WEB's history.
  3. Lamborghini WEB Editorial Team
    Meet the people that make the site.
  4. Sponsors
    If you would like to sponsor these pages, point your browser here!

Last Updated 12.10.2006

Created by A.J. Hawkes
© Lamborghini WEB 1994-2006
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