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Lamborghini WEB has been in existence in one form or another since January 20th 1994, and consequently was the first Lamborghini-specific World Wide Web site. Back then the pages consisted of just a few images of the cars and only had a few hits a day, but now things are very different. Lamborghini WEB now has an editorial team made up of Lamborghini enthusiasts from all over the world, contacts with many of the major Lamborghini institutions, and hundreds of pages containing an ever-increasing amount of  information. It is not only the scope of the site that has expanded, the audience has too, and many taking the time to email the editors with questions, suggestions and praise for their efforts.

Version 2.0 was released in time for it's first anniversary celebrations, and included many new features and ideas for sections. After almost another year passed, another major change both in the interface (to make Lamborghini WEB more navigable) and in content (e.g. complete specifications section, an improved motor sport section featuring the latest news and reports on the Charriol Trophy, and the World Offshore Championship) took place. This major change was entitled Lamborghini WEB 3.0.

Following on from some changes early in 1998 there was a quiet spell in the development of the site, but in October 1998 things started to happen again with the introduction of Lamborghini WEB 3.1 which included some minor interface changes as well as much  more information.  We are now in 2000, and Lamborghini WEB is due another growing spurt, so I will be doing some more updates very soon.

Last Updated 29.01.2000

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