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These pages have been designed to highlight all of those generous people who have given a great deal of their time and effort towards producing the pages as you see them. Please join with us in congratulating their efforts by perusing their details and perhaps sending a personal message to them.

Lamborghini WEB places a very high value on itís Editorial team, as they constitute a very important part in the production of this site, and we are always looking for new editors, so that we can cover more aspects of the Lamborghini World. If you feel that you would like to contribute something to the pages, then send us a message via email. Please include details of the sorts of things you would be able to help with and which country you are from

The members of the current editorial team are listed below:

Alexander Hawkes Richard Olsen
Position : Senior Editor Senior Editor
Email :
John Zevenbergen Stefano Pasini
Position : Motor Sports Editor Consultant Editor
Email :
Ian Sims Tomas Bostrom
Position : Maintenance Editor Maintenance Editor
Email :
Aaron Robinson
Position : Editor
Email :

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